The HSBA Garden Railway is offering local Jersey businesses perhaps one of the most unique advertising and sponsorships on the island – a chance to have your own railway wagons.

How it works

  1. Reach out and let us know you’re interested through out Contact page.
  2. We’ll design the wagon with you to find something that works for your business – getting the right type of stock (boxcar, tanker, open wagon, passenger coach) and transferring your brand to it (colours, logo etc)
  3. Nikki & Curtis will make the wagon using high quality vinyl decals and custom paint work.
  4. Be visible The wagon will be run during our Open Days as well as featuring in our Instagram posts and YouTube videos.


  • A pub or brewery featured on a tanker wagon or a bar passenger coach
  • A mechanics or garage featured on the side of a flat-bed wagon transporting a vehicle or a customised fuel tanker.
  • A retailer or farm with a boxcar for transporting their goods.

Or do you have something else in your mind? Let us know…


The sponsorship is £350 per wagon with the entire amount being donated to charity. Nikki & Curtis will cover the cost of the wagon and materials for customisation (paints, decals, time).

If you also would like a replica for your office or workspace, we’ll make a second copy while making the first. This is an additional £200 (again, all going to charity) plus the cost of the wagon.

We can also discuss additional details for the garden railway (barrels, crates, billboards, advertising posters etc) quoted on demand.

Please note – this sponsorship is currently open only to Jersey based businesses.

Making it happen

To get more information, please reach out to us using our Contact page.